Get in shape for back to school with our Outdoor Boot Camp!

Whether you want to lose weight in a healthy way, get stronger and build lean muscle mass, train for your first endurance event, or improve your marathon time, Adaptive Fitness Warehouse can help! And we do it without the frustration and feelings of drudgery that can result from hours and hours spent on a treadmill. Every workout is different. Every workout focuses on your whole body. And every workout can be adapted for any body, regardless of fitness level, lifestyle or health condition.

Teachers - Enjoy our Summer Special just for you!

If you’re intimidated by the thought of getting lost in a giant gym full of strange equipment, Adaptive Fitness Warehouse is the place for you. There are no machines here. Using items like balls, kettlebells, ropes, mats and tires, we can help you get your health back, get stronger or get faster. Prepare to work hard, and expect to have fun and find encouragement in the process.

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